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Steven Meisner, LCPC

Steve Meisner is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with 20 years of experience. He received a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Benedictine University.

He works primarily with adults and adolescents (patients ages 10 and older). He has worked for several years doing individual and family therapy with troubled teens. He also does couples/marriage therapy, working with them to help resolve their conflicts and improve communication. Additionally, he has much experience with worker's compensation and disability cases.

His style is empathic, supportive, genuine and caring but he is naturally able to adjust his style to the needs and personality of each patient. Steve keeps up on the latest research in the field and uses evidenced-based interventions, such as teaching cognitive-behavioral techniques. He is quite interactive and goal-oriented with his patients and committed to help them achieve the positive change they are seeking. 


Steve's treatment specialties include: depression, anxiety (including OCD and phobias) and panic disorders, bipolar disorder, relationship/marital issues, ADD/ADHD (including for both adults and children), troubled teens (including conduct disorder and oppositional defiant disorder), PTSD/trauma cases and those who are dealing with grief & loss. He is effective at helping patients who are working toward changing their behavior, such as with anger management and stress reduction.

Most of Steve's patients are just people who are struggling with life's many challenges and have made the courageous decision to seek help.

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