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Our mission is to enhance the overall mental health of our clients and provide the highest quality of psychiatric care.

Our team at Associates in Psychiatry & Counseling includes a wide range of professionals, providing many services to meet the needs of all clients through their lifespan.


About Us

At Associates in Psychiatry & Counseling, our board certified psychiatrists and therapists focus exclusively on our client's mental well-being and work as an integrated team in providing stability and care.


Our practice offers psychiatrists, board certified in general psychiatry, addiction, and child psychiatry,  psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors who provide a variety of services to meet the needs of all clients through their lifespan beginning at age three.


We treat an array of disorders and have flexible day, evening, and weekend hours to accommodate our clients.

Please note our office does not fill out the following forms: FOID, Medical Marijuana, Social Security Disability, VA Disability and long-term disability. 

Additionally, providers do not complete short term disability or FMLA for new patients. Patient has to be an established patient having seen the provider at least 3-5 times before consideration of form completion. 

Before seeing your provider we recommend that you contact your insurance to verify your provider is in-network with your insurance plan and that you have mental health benefits. 

Rock Balancing
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