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Dr. Mazhar Khan, EdD

Dr. Mazhar A. Khan obtained his Master’s degree in Psychology from Punjab University, Lahore and after teaching Psychology at a college level for a few years, came to U.S.A. in 1971.


Dr. Khan attended Western Michigan University and obtained a M.A. and doctoral degree in clinical and counseling psychology.  His pre-doctoral training was at the William Upjohn Delano Clinic, Borgess Hospital, in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Dr. Khan worked as a clinical psychologist at the local Child Guidance Clinics for about 8 years, which additionally provided him his post-doctoral training experience. He obtained the Michigan clinical Psychology license in 1979. 

Dr. Khan joined the Elgin Mental Health Center’s Psychology Department in 1992 as a Psychologist/Neuropsychologist and worked there for 26 years. During his time there, he also became the Chief of Psychology and the Clinical Training Director for M.A. level and Doctoral Level clinical and /or Forensic Psychology students. His duties included psychological and neuropsychological evaluations, malingering evaluations, personality evaluations, running the Fitness to stand trial groups for the UST (Unfit to Stand Trial) patients, letters to Court, testifying in Court, supervising the newly hired psychologists at the hospital, and also supervising the clinical psychology doctoral psychology students.

Dr. Khan joined Associates in Psychiatry in January of 2019 and since then he has been working here as a clinical psychologist.

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